The basic idea of an electric actuator is the transformation of a rotating motion into a linear motion. Following this idea for more than 5 decades, Rahmann has developed excellent actuator solutions. Rahmann develops electric actuators according to the customer's individual needs for his application, so there are no standard products in the company's range. The entire system is a completely closed unit, also features a very compact design. Moreover, the sturdiness of drives deserves particular notice. This allows electric actuators by Rahmann to be operated always safely and reliably in most diverse applications and under most adverse operating conditions.

More information about the manufacturer: https://rahmann-gmbh.com/en/

LINAK built on true innovation and resting on a steadfast will to continuously improve throughout the supply chain. LINAK today is a global company with modern, flexible and highly automated production facilities in Denmark, Slovakia, USA, and China and offices in some 35 countries across the world.

LINAK electric actuators come with intelligence and are easy to integrate with sophisticated control systems using data BUS communication. Compared to both hydraulic and pneumatic systems, electric actuators are much easier to install. The absence of hoses and pumps also makes maintenance obsolete in many cases.

LINAK linear actuators are quiet, clean, non–toxic and energy efficient. They fulfil any customer demand and meet all international standards required to operate in any given application.

After well over 30 years of dedicated development of electric linear actuator systems and solutions, you will find that LINAK enables seamless movement within: hospital and healthcare, office and kitchen environments, agriculture, farming and industrial automation, and leisure furniture for private homes.